Senior Spotlight: Kat Birkenbeuel

This week’s senior spotlight is Kat Birkenbeuel!


Kat was not always sure Mizzou was for her but after her tour she fell in love with the school. Coming from a large school, the 30,000+ students weren’t what scared Kat about coming to Mizzou, but she still wanted to make the school seem smaller. Alpha Chi was what made Kat feel at home at Mizzou.

“I fell in love with Alpha Chi during recruitment. I love how every woman I talked to just seemed real. I laugh at all the memories, from staying up late when we lived in house, playing pranks on each other, studying together until the wee hours of the morning, having movie marathons on snow days… to moving out of house and still feeling at home when I walk through the red front door.”


Kat really grew a Real. Strong. Woman. during her time at Alpha Chi. An older member Maggie Omastiak took Kat under her wing, which helped her grow as a person more than Maggie probably knows. She helped her with her Tour Team application and was an amazing role model for Kat. All her sisters have helped her grow as a Real. Strong. Woman. as well.

“She introduced me to a lot of people. Whether she realizes it or not, she was and is an amazing role model of a real, strong woman.”

She has accomplished so many different things throughout her time at Mizzou. Kat was able to work with the City of Columbia C.A.R.E. Program, Boys and Girls Club and was even a volunteer coach for Girls on the Run. In Alpha Chi, she was on the philanthropy committee and a served as a blogger for two years. She has participated in MizzouThon all four years, having been VP or Marketing and currently is the Director of Digital Strategy. Her passions have led her all around the world including a Greek Life Mission Trip to Jamaica over winter break.

“This past summer, I was able to intern with the Chicago Cubs in their Community Affairs department, which was able to combine my love of Chicago sports with my interests in marketing and non-profit.”

kat3Leaving Mizzou isn’t easy for any senior and she will miss all the opportunities for learning and involvement in the Mizzou community. After graduation, Kat hopes to find an opportunity with a sports team or a sport nonprofit that holds a strong sense of corporate social responsibility and gives back to their community. Kat is ready for whatever the real world throws at her.

“I’m pretty much open to moving wherever, even overseas if an opportunity arises.”

Kat will never forget the experiences she has gained here at Mizzou and she knows it was because of her home with the little red door at 900 Richmond Avenue.

“I’ve definitely become more confident in myself because of my sisters and have been inspired to apply to things I never dreamed I would get. My sisters push me to be the best version of myself and I’m so grateful!”

Post by Nikki McVicker.


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